Winners of our 2015 Small Business Awards


Chanceé Lundy & Veronica Davis, Owners of Nspiregreen; Virginia McAllister, Owner of Iron Horse Architects; Beverly Hanstrom, President and Owner of Colorado Medical Waste

Technological Innovation Award: Iron Horse Architects
When Virginia McAllister started Iron Horse Architects in 2005, her goal was to create a firm centered on the principles of sustainability, adaptability and longevity. Ten years later, it’s clear that she’s succeeded. The firm has experienced rapid growth, with the Denver Business Journal naming Iron Horse Architects the Fastest-Growing Private Company among small businesses in 2012. Through a slew of major projects like a renovation of the Denver Union Station, Iron Horse Architects has solidified its reputation as a forward-thinking and value-driven architectural and design firm. Read more>>

Community Development Award: Nspiregreen
When Chanceé Lundy and Veronica Davis met at a leadership conference for the National Society of Black Engineers, they immediately knew they wanted to start a business together. A few years later, they fulfilled that dream by launching Nspiregreen, a community-driven environmental consulting firm. Read more>>

Sustainability Award: Colorado Medical Waste
Colorado Medical Waste is a long-time local leader in medical waste disposal, offering a full range of services including collection, transportation, treatment and incineration. As a small business, the company focuses on flexibility and offers customized alternatives to “one size fits all” medical waste disposal programs. This dedication to innovation and customer service has allowed Colorado Medical Waste to thrive and grow since its inception in 1992. Read more>>